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Cities must embrace technological change to prosper in future

Written by Flying High Team

June 18, 2018

Andrew Carter, CEO of Centre for Cities, shares his thoughts on how cities should embrace the opportunities presented by emerging technology solutions. You can view the article here. read more

Flying High Event: Shaping the Future of Drones in UK Cities

Written by Orpa Haque

June 18, 2018

Small unmanned aviation technology is progressing rapidly and the prospect of drones taking to the skies is fast approaching. Led by cities, Nesta’s Flying High Challenge seeks to position the UK to become a global leader in shaping drone systems that place... read more

Connected Local Government TV interview with Flying High Challenge and West Midlands

Written by Nishita Dewan

June 8, 2018

On Tuesday June 5th I was interviewed for Connected Local Government TV alongside Lucy Gosling, City Lead for West Midlands, one of our five Partner City-regions. This interview shares our perspective on the opportunity and our ambition around Flying High and... read more

Flying High with the Public Impact Fundamentals

Written by Magdalena Kuenkel

May 25, 2018

Did you know that drones can deliver life-saving medical care in a fraction of the time traditional emergency services can? Have you heard of drones being used to find missing people on the Cumbrian coast? Or have you come across... read more

Understanding the public perception of drones

Written by Richard Duffy

May 18, 2018

‘Not above my back yard’ or ‘send me a kebab by drone, now’? Drone technology is developing fast, but how does the public view it? The Flying High Challenge is bringing together a range of UK city stakeholders to identify... read more

Five drone use cases that will help us map the future

Written by Olivier Usher

May 8, 2018

We’re exploring five different uses for drones in cities to explore the technical and economic challenges that face the development of drones The future of drones in cities could take many forms; how positive this impact will be will depends... read more

Flying High Cities Update

Written by Kathy Nothstine

April 26, 2018

We are pleased to share this update capturing some of the highlights of how the five partner cities have been engaging with Flying High since we kicked off the programme in early February. Since the kickoff, each of the five... read more

“EXCLUSIVE: Use drones to solve problems, not as a novelty, claims Nesta”

Written by Orpa Haque

April 25, 2018

Unmanned aerial vehicles should be deployed as a means of problem-solving, not as a novelty, claims Nesta. Nishita Dewan, the lead on the Flying High Challenge, explained to Commercial Drone Professional that a key aspect in delivery drone-based solutions within urban areas... read more

Private Sector Briefing in London

Written by Orpa Haque

April 19, 2018

A private sector briefing was held on 16th April to give an update on the Flying High Challenge. There was a Q&A session, with the panel consisting of the below members: Iain Macbeth, Head of Foresight, TfL - Panel Chair Kathy Nothstine, Lead... read more

Five cities selected to develop future of drone operations

Written by Kathy Nothstine

February 7, 2018

Today, we are pleased to announce the five pioneering cities that we are partnering with this year to design how drone technology could operate in complex city environments to address local needs. This announcement follows an open call launched in... read more

Second set of Flying High use cases published

Written by Olivier Usher

January 12, 2018

As the deadline for cities to apply to the Flying High Challenge draws closer, we are now publishing the remaining seven use case briefing documents. Before Christmas we published an Introductory Pack and the first six detailed briefing documents. Together... read more

First Flying High use cases published

Written by Olivier Usher

December 20, 2017

The Flying High Challenge is now live, with cities preparing their applications. The vision of Flying High is both to understand how drone systems will operate at scale – and to develop and guide the key applications for drones that... read more

Key use cases for drones in your city

Written by Olivier Usher

December 15, 2017

There are many, many uses that drones can be put to. Some are happening already, like fire brigades inspecting the sites of fires. Others are more speculative, such as widespread use for delivering packages or transporting passengers. These uses cover... read more

A challenge to cities to shape the future of drones

Written by Kathy Nothstine

December 14, 2017

As unmanned, autonomous aviation technology progresses rapidly, the prospect of drones crisscrossing our cities – performing anything from parcel delivery to health care services to infrastructure maintenance – is becoming increasingly viable. Drones are part of a global tide of complex technological change that will require a... read more

Watch the Flying High Challenge Informational Webinar

Written by Richard Duffy

December 12, 2017

We recently hosted an informational webinar for cites to introduce the Flying High Challenge programme. The presentation included a summary of the programme vision and structure, our work on urban use cases for drones, and the application procedure. It was... read more